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LEMAG is an online magazine dedicated exclusively to long exposure photography.

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Over 100 pages filled with stunning long exposure images, interviews and more. Featuring:

Stuart Graham 
José Canelas
Ewan Dunsmuir
Julien Grondin
Grega Gobovc
David Lowe
Larry Dunn 
Andy Vannecke
Valeriano Antonini
Peter Hill
Ramesh Ramachandran
Ken Smith
Nathan Wirth
Ahmed Thabet 
Nune Karamyan
Ted Andreasian 
Julia Anna Gospodarou
John Kosmopoulos 
Richard Terpolill

What our readers say:

It is an absolute triumph. The design and format is most elegant and highly professional. I especially like the thumbnail option for easy navigation. As for content, well a fine choice of artists whose work I know very well. On first scan I thought maybe there could be more artists included, but no, the images were so rich in variety and the interviews most interesting that I feel you have the balance just right (after all you have to think of subsequent editions). All in all I must say a masterful job.​
Trevor Cotton
For those interested in long exposure photography, the first edition of this new publication should prove very interesting. Some of the the featured artists, are among my favourite photographers. I found both the images and interviews very engaging. Some of the proposed developments for the magazine should add further interest in the months to come, I look forward with interest to future editions.
Jim Graham
It's brilliant and worth every penny (and more) of the subscription fee. Great images, fab interviews and a quality production ethic.​​
Paul Parkinson
I really enjoyed the first issue of LEMAG. It was great to see again the work of people you have admired over the years. The "Know your Master" concept is well worth expanding on. There are so many master photographers over the ages who are no longer in vogue but can still inspire.​
Gerard McGrath
I am seriously blown away with the quality of images. Just bonkers brilliant! Glad I found you guys and hopefully I can develop my skills to take something even close to the others.
Ken O'Hagan
Can't speak highly enough about this magazine it's just what i've been looking for and to have Joel onboard is a real bonus, big thumbs up to all that created it.
Tony Swain
The quality of photography inside the magazine is astonishing!
Matthew Stephens
The quality is stunning.
Oscar Lopez