Tim Rudman is an award winning photographer and printer known internationally for his pioneering work in Lith Printing and distinctive toning methods of black & white silver gelatine prints. His printing workshops in UK, America, Canada, Australia and Europe often sell out overnight. His work is widely exhibited and held in many private and public collections.

Iceland, an Uneasy Calm’ is a handsome cloth-bound hardback book with dust jacket. 300mm x 280mm landscape format. 132 pages containing 98 quad-tone plates made from selenium and thiourea toned silver gelatine prints. Foreword by Bill Schwab. Photographs and introductory essay by Tim Rudman.

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Tim Rudman – Iceland, an Uneasy Calm

Tim Rudman’s ‘Iceland, an Uneasy Calm’ – true Iceland experience.

Iceland is an ultimate landscape photographers’’ paradise – as soon as you get off the plane you cannot put your camera down. No wonder thousands upon thousands photographers visit the Iceland every year and workshops providers make a killing.

Most visitors come there only once though (hard to blame them, other paradises await) and get to visit a handful most popular spots. Facebook and Flickr are full of images of the same spots, similar approaches and photoshop mastery used. If you have not been to Iceland you can almost get fooled by those images and convince yourself you already know the place.

Tim has been visiting Iceland for many years and the book itself took eight years to make. Every one of 98 image is carefully selected and honed to perfection in the darkroom. Yes, those are not digital snaps taken by a hundred in a spray and pray fashion – those are the products of a careful, thoughtful process, meticulously executed in Tim’s darkroom. All speak of sound knowledge, appreciation and understanding of the place photographed.

Ilford Photo / Harman Technology described the book as “one of the very finest landscape photographers working today, easily identifiable by his supreme gift as one of the leading photographic printers of his generation”.

The fact that Tim Rudman is both a photographer and the printer of its own images has in my opinion an impact on the quality of those images impossible to overlook. I am not talking only about the technical excellence of the prints – Tim has been regarded a master of lith printing for a long time and frankly, this level of quality is simply expected from him. The point I am making here is that his images stem from the whole of the photographic process, – from getting intimate with the place, scouting it, taking test images, learning the light there – and finally constructing the final image in the camera and in the darkroom.

Tim’s images allow us to experience Iceland in a way no one-time visitor will have a chance to do so. His are images that seek no likes on social media but resonate fully with a dedicated and careful viewer. It is worth taking time to savour them – those who do are bound to discover delicacies that make those images tick many a box of a landscape photography lover.

In our recent interview with him Tim said: ‘I photograph largely by instinct, rather than by technique. When I get to a location I will have arrived with a purpose, but from then on I react rather than pre-plan too much. (…) I wait for a picture to speak to me in some way and then respond in a way that will give the image I see in my head. I always see a finished print in my mind and it may not look much like the scene in front of me, which is just a means to an interpretation of a feeling or a message in print form. I loved the weather and the landscape, particularly off the tourist trails and came to see it as a metaphor for the forces of nature, man and the recycling of matter within our universe. ‘

‘Iceland, An Uneasy Calm ‘ is a portrait of a broody, eerie and often dramatic landscape full of exciting diversity – from black beaches to glistering glacial, geysers, mud pools, mountain peaks in mist and of course thundering waterfalls. Thanks to Tim’s mastery and photographical honesty we too can experience this reality.

Derek Michalski, Editor, LEMAG

What others say:

These images go far beyond the common and strike deep at the viewers’ core, resonating with power and beauty.
The photographs will take you to many places beyond simple fences, rocks, clouds and shorelines and undoubtedly to places within.

Bill Schwab. Photographic artist. USA.

For the last 3 weeks, every attempt to write the first sentence of this paragraph about Tim Rudman’s “Iceland, an Uneasy Calm”, or to describe the accompanying print in the Collector’s Edition, has failed. I have lost count of how many times I started and stopped and walked away in frustration, leaving it for some other day when my mind would be still enough to articulate the reality of what lay before me. I finally realized that the only thing that approaches a description of the depth of this masterwork, is silence.

Absorbing Tim Rudman’s work is not unlike listening to a Bach fugue – a transcendental experience of profound proportions; a Zen koan in visual form – work so pure that time stops and one is left simply absorbed in illumination.

These are not photographs in the sense that we understand them, they are like ancient texts where any attempt to describe the subject at hand, ends in Zero. All sense of identification is lost and one becomes That.

But these are all just words. For a masterpiece of this magnitude, there is only the experience itself. And then, silence.

Chris Dei

The extreme elegance of Tim’s Photography, together with the beauty he caught in Iceland’s nature, is truly what Photography can do at its best: to put deeply in touch with the sense of mystery that comes to us from Nature. This is a wonderful book to treasure and to meditate upon.

Giuseppe Zanotti-Fregonara

What a pleasure to read and see this latest book by Tim Rudman- someone who shared his knowledge in B&W printing with me many years ago through his books on that subject. From the first to the last image the tenderness that he takes in the capturing and the making of each scene is tangible. Wonderful low-key feelings and slow compositions so brilliantly illustrated by this master of the darkroom. All complimented by the written sections that complete the circle. Indeed highly recommended for all photographers, regardless of genre.

Andre Du Plessis

© Tim Rudman – Iceland, an Uneasy Calm
© Tim Rudman – Iceland, an Uneasy Calm
© Tim Rudman – Iceland, an Uneasy Calm
© Tim Rudman – Iceland, an Uneasy Calm
© Tim Rudman – Iceland, an Uneasy Calm
© Tim Rudman – Iceland, an Uneasy Calm
© Tim Rudman – Iceland, an Uneasy Calm
© Tim Rudman – Iceland, an Uneasy Calm
© Tim Rudman – Iceland, an Uneasy Calm

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