Several species of humans have intermittently occupied the island known today as Britain for almost a million years. The earliest evidence of human occupation around 900,000 years ago is at Happisburgh on the Norfolk coast, with stone tools and footprints probably made by Homo Antecessor. The oldest human fossils, around 500,000 years old, are of Homo Heidelbergensis at Boxgrove in Sussex.

I decided, what also looks like some light years ago, to join the millions who had done so before me and make this sceptred isle my home.

Although it is sometimes hard to tell a center of one city from another here, the nature of the British Isles provides enough verity for a discerning eye and is in itself a photographers’ paradise. I am looking forward to bacchanal on its beauty for many years to come.

London Eye
Greenwich sunrise
O2 at night
Eastbourne Pier

Herne Bay #1

Big M

A lonely dome

Greenhithe #1

Peak District #1

Reculver #1

St Thomas à Becket, Fairfield

Reculver #2

Whitstable #1

Herne Bay #2

Herne Bay #3

The shapes of Folkestone

Scotney Castle grounds

Shoeburyness #2

Wollaton Hall #1

Thames Barrier #1

Darnley Mausoleum #1


Isle od Sheppey #1

All my war is done I

Shoeburyness #1

The Golden Wave


All my war is done II

Peak District #2

Peak District #3

Peak District #4

Bodiam Castle #1

Water Heart

Reculver sundog

Durdle Door #2

Five boulders

Greenwich sunrise II
Nightfall in London
© Derek Michalski Photography