Jan Mlčoch – this Czech photographer currently based in Prague belongs to enthusiastic self educated photographers that are showing the world their original way they see things around them. Jan was always fascinated by beauty of the woman´s body which he sees as one of the life miracles superior to the 7 miracles of ancient world. In his photographs he shows us still life of the body in positions very often a bit unstable poses.
These poses he takes from dance – once from latin dance, then pole dance and now his main theme is ballet – Danza.
Special way of capturing his photos called Light painting or Luminography is known, but not frequently used, so we can say his work is rare. In principle the light painting is exposition of scenery to the thin ray of light moving on it in otherwise complete darkness like the paintbrush on canvas. Moving this “brush” enables to show many imaginary light effects without using any computer manipulation. Also the classic negative processing gives his work some kind of uniqueness. With all these factors his pictures show very poetic atmosphere around the bare woman´s body.