K&F Concept:

BA 225 Carbon Fiber Lightweight Camera Tripod

K&F Concept is no longer a new company and their products are known and used by thousands of photographers across the world. In the past we tested their ND filters.

Manufacture’s specifications:

Series: Tripod
Model: KF-BA225
Color: Black with Orange accents
Weight: 1.02kg
Materials: Aluminum, Carbon fiber
Load Capacity: 8kg
Maximum Working Height: 1530mm
Minimum Working Height: 465mm
Folded Length: 350mm
Head Type: Ball head
Leg Lock Type: Twist Lock
Leg Positions: 3
Leg Sections: 5
Leg Diameter: 22mm


Compact and Lightweight
Easily Adjustable and Flexible
A Hook for Improving Stability
Easy to Go with Carrying Bag
Detachable Monopod
8KG Loading Capacity
360° panoramic rotation ball head to expand camera activity range when shooting.


The KF-BA225 is packaged in a cardboard box. The only graphics present on this packaging are the K&F logo and the model of the tripod.

The tripod and all included accessories are packaged in a quality carrying case with company logo..

The postage was done very quickly and the contains of the box were well protected against any damage in transit.

Inside we found the tripod as described by the manufacturer.

Our overall experience of the received goods packaging and speed of delivery: very good.

Build and ease of use:

We have tested the tripod in a number of locations and different kinds of weather, from very overcast sky with little light but lots of wind through to some of the hottest days of the year. 

The KF-BA225 is a lightweight carbon fiber tripod with plenty of features for both amateurs and professional users. The tripod has a maximum load capacity of 8kg and can be extended to a maximum height of 1530 mm. The highlight in terms of the design is the carbon fiber used on this tripod. This material has a woven pattern, contrasted by the bright orange accents present on some components of the tripod.

Included with the KF-BA225 is a tripod head of a standard design and layout. It allows for free movement and adjustment on all axis but, additionally, it can also rotate and is equipped with markings for 360° panoramic photography. Installed on the side of the top plate holder is a basic bubble level.

The top plate used with this tripod head sports its soft rubber pad shaped in the K&F initials. The top plate is held attached to the tripod head by a basic vice style system. As is the case with many tripod heads, the screw used to secure the plate to the camera can be used without any tools.

The main beam of the tripod, which is also the base for the tripod head, is divided into two segments. Each segment has its own twist lock mechanism. This solution offers better adjustment options at the top of the tripod. It will also lower the overall rigidity of the tripod though. The twist locks have a good design, with orange accents on the sides, and a thick rubber pad in the middle.

The legs of the KF-BA225 tripod have five sections and three positions. These legs can be inverted to point upwards or to the sides. This allows the tripod to stand lower to the ground while also having a wider base. The system used to hold the legs in position is a basic push pin lock. As is the case with most tripods the legs of BA 225 are telescopic. The locking mechanism used on the leg sections is the same twist lock system used on the rest of the tripod. The leg with a foam pad can be removed and be used as a standalone mono-pod. The base of each leg has a thick a cone-shaped rubber pad. It is soft and has a good grip on most surfaces. The manufacturer has not forgotten to add a spring-loaded hook to hang your camera bag on and add some weight to increase the stability of the tripod. This hook can be found at the bottom of the tripod body.

Our overall experience of the received goods build and ease of use: very good.


Let us now move on to the most important aspect of using filters, their performance and image delivery. With the plethora of filters to choose from in the market it is crucial that an interested photographer is able to make a learned choice that will lead to best selection.

The filters are scratch resistant and do not give a colour cast, which of course is very helpful in post-processing of images. K&F Concept say that the material of the filter is top-grade optical glass and adopts double-sided multi-layer enhanced coating which can effectively reduce the filter surface reflection. Having shoot in the sun a number of times we can confirm that.

The filters handle water splashes well and are easy to clean so the downtime in taking photographs in challenging condition by the sea is minimalised.

Our overall experience of the received goods performance: very good.


The K&F Concept KF-BA225 tripod is available for around £80/120 US dollars/EUR on the K&F website or on the main retailers. For this price, the tripod has plenty of competition. It is, however, offering the full-spectrum functionality which places it strongly among similar products by other manufacturers.. The carbon fiber structure is solid and lightweight. The fact is, you will not much feel its weight. additionally, the way it folds and fits in a small carry case makes it an attractive option for those who mind carrying too much weight on them.

The build quality of this tripod is very good. The carbon fiber legs free of any imperfections. The same can be said for the aluminium body. The only quality issues are with the rubber pads of the legs; those can, however, be easily replaced.

The carbon fiber structure used on the legs has a good design and is solid. The carbon fiber texture is contrasted by the bright orange accents placed on the metal made components of the tripod.

The included ball head is good and just like the tripod, it offers plenty of flexibility. The ball head can move on all axis and can also rotate for full 360° panoramic photography. Just like it is the case with travel tripods by other, manufacturers, the top plate is attached to the tripod head by a classic vice grip system.

In conclusion, the K&F Concept TM2324 KF-BA225 is a good lightweight travel tripod that has a great design. The main feature of this tripod is its lightweight construction. With a weight of just 1kg, this tripod is easy to carry for long distances. It also offers plenty of flexibility in terms of height and adjustment on all axis both for the legs and for the tripod head.

K&F Concept filters, tripods and bags can be purchased here: https://www.kentfaith.com/

Where to buy:

K&F magnetic filter:https://bit.ly/3jdw5UB 

K&F light tripod:https://bit.ly/2Z03evt 

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