Kolari Vision IR Chrome Lens Filter

Green leaves turn into vibrant red or intense magenta, blue water turns dark or even black, the clouds in the sky gain contrast. The reproduction is bizarre, yet beautiful. In Process E-6, flesh tone has a more sallow appearance with yellow lips (see the battle scene of Oliver Stone’s Alexander, shot in Aerochrome) which provides a unique look or special effect to the fashion or commercial photographer without software enhancement of the image. Filtration with different filters or combinations of filters can be used to extend the possibilities.

Bringing the Look of Aerochrome into the Digital Era

This Infrared+Visible lens filter is designed to make your full-spectrum digital camera (wait, what is a full-spectrum camera?) achieve the look of Kodak Aerochrome IR film, straight out of camera, no editing required. Made from a fused glass composite, this filter passes the perfect combination of light to recreate the classic, beloved look of Aerochrome with a full-spectrum camera. This means you can have the Aerochrome look with no editing and no quality loss. In development for over a year, this filter is now ready to enter the forefront of digital IR photography. You can read the story behind the filter and see more examples of it in action here!

this is a filter you are going to love

Packaging and cover:

This filter is delivered in a thin plastic cassette, which is al that is really need to house it. I wished, however, that it would be made a wee bit thicker to give it a more durability. This is just my opinion and I might be just accustomed to a slightly heavier style of packaging. 

Filter build:

The Kolari Vision IR Chrome filter is made from a fused glass composite and aside from its cobalt blue color, it closely resembles the screw-on UV or Skylight filter you may have on your lens right now. When used on a full-spectrum camera it passes the correct frequency necessary to very accurately produce the same familiar colours that the original Kodak EIR and Aerochrome films produced, and does so without requiring any additional channel manipulation in Photoshop. Just pop the filter onto your lens and you are good to go!

Conclusion and our final verdict:

KOLARI VISION team put a lot of effort into creating this filter and make sure it is as close to the KODAK EKTACHROME Professional Infrared EIR Film as possible – and with a great success. Shooting with is is easy and with suitable subjects gives wonderful results. The fact that it does not need swapping channels in PS and yields ready images straight off the camera is a bonus that will appeal to many.

Simply put, this is definitely a must-have filter for infrared photography lovers.

Below are a few images taken with Kolari Vision IR Chrome Lens Filter:

Films scenes shot emulating IR Chrome effect: