K&F Concept:

The filters tested:

About a month ago we received a set of filters from K&F Concept, who are Chinese manufacturer of natural density filters, bags and tripods with a request of reviewing some of their filters.

We received a box containing a set of adapter rings for every lens dimension for 100mm system – 49mm/ 52mm/ 58mm/ 62mm/67mm/ 72mm/ 77mm/ 82mm, allowed us to use the ND filter on any kind of size camera lens.

We also received a filter holder and three PRO ND filters for 100mmm system with the following strengths: 0.9, 1.8 and 3.0. We also received an PRO ND filter for 150mm system.


The postage was done very quickly and the contains of the box were well protected against any damage in transit.

Inside we found all parts as described by the manufacturer. Filters are nicely packaged in black/orangy boxes with clear labelling. Inside each box there is a filter wrapped up in a protective paper and inside a neat filter pouch, separate for each filter. Getting the filter out of the pouch s very easy thanks to a ribbon that just needs to be gently pulled up for the filter to slide out of the pouch.

Our overall experience of the received goods packaging and speed of delivery: very good.

Build and ease of use:

We have tested the filters in a number of locations and different kinds of weather, from very overcast sky with little light to some of the hottest day of the year. We have tested the filters by the sea, in the forest and in a city park to get a versatile experience with them.

The filter holder is set on the adapter ring with a simple mechanism that allows for a very easy operation. Once the filter holder is on the lens the filters slide in slots with ease and hold there well. There is no mechanism blocking the holder from falling off but that would only happen if the small golden wheel would be pressed by chance, with is very unlikely. We did not experience that would be an issue.

Our overall experience of the received goods build and ease of use: very good.


Let us now move on to the most important aspect of using filters, their performance and image delivery. With the plethora of filters to choose from in the market it is crucial that an interested photographer is able to make a learned choice that will lead to best selection.

The filters are scratch resistant and do not give a colour cast, which of course is very helpful in post-processing of images. K&F Concept say that the material of the filter is top-grade optical glass and adopts double-sided multi-layer enhanced coating which can effectively reduce the filter surface reflection. Having shoot in the sun a number of times we can confirm that.

The filters handle water splashes well and are easy to clean so the downtime in taking photographs in challenging condition by the sea is minimalised.

Our overall experience of the received goods performance: very good.


The PRO ND filters by K&F Concept we tested are easy to handle and performed very well across a wide range of circumstances. The images were consistently free of colour cast and pin sharp.

In spite of the relatively low selling prices, construction quality and performance are very pleasing. It is definitely a product we would recommend, especially for those photographers who are interested in entering long exposure sphere but would not like to splash big bucks on high-end gear.

K&F Concept filters, tripods and bags can be purchased here: https://www.kentfaith.com/

Where to buy:

Below are just a few images out of many we took with K&F Concept filters.

Taken with K&F Concept square filter 3.0
Taken with K&F Concept square filter 0.9
Taken with K&F Concept square filter 1.8
Taken with K&F Concept square filter 1.8