Intentional by Derek Michalski

I am delighted to present to you the set of 32 of my images taken in the ICM technique.

ICM has long been established as an interesting niche, something sitting humbly in the corner of the big photographic world and rather rarely visited by subscribers to a more stable approaches.

The technique itself is not a complicated one – open a shutter, move your camera about – and you will have an ICM image. Could not be simpler. You get lovely smudged sky and sea images.

The throw-away rate, mind you, nears 100%.

My approach was a tad different. None of the photographs in this publication is of what it claims to be. None of the images was taken in Dubai, nor any actual mask was used. I visited no cemetery nor a seaside. No cigarettes were smoked during taking of those images nor any fishy fish-stalking took place. In short, they are all made of not what they claim to be.

They are all a product of my imagination.

Granted – I did open the shutter and waved my camera about in a more-less controlled fashion. I used a variety of shutter speeds (or should we say slows) of different ND filters. I will not discuss this part any further as it is utterly irrelevant.

What I was after was to take ICM images of random objects and in this way unscramble the existing reality and then, having wreaked havoc in existing reality, search, on the computer screen, for an entirely new one in what seemed to be a bedlam of pixels.

My intention was not to devastate the existing reality but to shake it to its core, make all the elements of it come loose and deconstruct it – and in this seemingly chaotic environment find what has been there all along, previously invisible to the eye.

Turning chaos into order.

It is clear then that must as I was the person behind the camera and in from of the computer screen I cannot be credited with creating any of the images featured in this publication. All of them, and I suspect a lot more, were already present in the bangarang on my screen. More so – they were existing in our everyday reality, unbeknown to us, living their lives in parallel existence long before I decided to seek them out. All I did was to free them.

Note: All the images presented in this publication are subject to copyright and cannot be published, printed and sold without my clear permission.