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Jan Bell

Talk title: Quiet Contemplation.

April 30th, 2021; 7pm UK time

Fee: £5

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LEMAG is delighted to invite you to our monthly talk, this time with a wonderful US-based photographer Jan Bell whose exceptional monochrome work has inspired and keeps inspiring many photographers worldwide.

What Jan says about himself:

My passion for the arts was fostered in the early years of my life. Growing up on a farm in the flatlands of northwestern Ohio instilled an appreciation for the land. This innate passion has continued into my adult life and culminates with my portfolio of images.

I consider myself an avid adventurer and am most happy when I’m off the beaten path, exploring remote locations throughout North America.

Capturing portfolio grade photos is only a part of the experience. More often than not, it’s as much about quietly connecting with the natural world. During my visits, often weeks at a time, I feel myself decompress, and more importantly, begin to immerse myself in the landscape.

Simply studying my surroundings is a critical part of my creative process. During this time my mind is considering how to interpret what I see, and how best to compose my photographs.

Each photographer uses his or her own sensitivities to interpret the world, resulting in many varied styles. Rather than simply documenting what I see, I choose to look at the world in an artistic manner, creating my personal impression of it.

Whether it’s the inner folds of a plant, a secluded canyon or a coastline, or even a manmade structure, each photo represents an opportunity to consider the subject, almost apart from the meaning or function of that subject, in terms of the beauty of its form.

I focus on an intimate view, allowing one’s eye to see only selected elements of the whole. My work has been recognized with numerous awards and grants, which have, in turn, provided opportunities to expand my experiences, as well as my photography, in untold ways.

As Adams once said, “I hope that my work will encourage self expression in others and stimulate the search for beauty and creative excitement in the great world around us.” That is exactly what it has done for me.

What Jan says about the talk:

During my talk I will share thoughts on my life and my work. The articles that I’ve written for LE Magazine have shown a few of my long exposure photographs. I’ll explain why the genre appeals to me. I’m often asked why I’ve chosen to work in black and white. Obviously any decision that an artist makes is a personal one. That said, I’ll share my thoughts on B&W and why it’s a good fit for me. Over the years I’ve learned that photographers like to peer into the minds of other photographers to see how they process their work. I’ll touch on that during this talk. I’ll also talk about my love of the wilderness and my extended treks, often capturing images for weeks, or even months. More often than not, the experience is as much about spending quiet time in the outdoors as it is photography. Without one, the other wouldn’t hold much meaning – they are inseparable. 
I’m always at peace when I’m immersed in the land, I often sit in one location observing a world devoid of people, each time as if it’s the first. During this time, my mind is considering how to interpret what I see and how to capture its essence. 
I’ve become more discerning of my work over the last few years. That’s both a blessing and a curse. Being a solitary type person, I prefer to work alone. But working in a vacuum has its downfalls. I often find myself in a quandary, undecided about where to take a photo during post-processing. Many images sit in a folder titled “In Progress” for months or even years. Fortunately that’s countered by the thrill of seeing an image come together beautifully, resulting in a portfolio-grade photograph. 
I’ll touch on my upcoming book that has been in the works for the past three years. Fundraising exceeded my wildest dreams, allowing me to work with one of the two best fine art book printers in the nation, if not North America. 
Join me for this talk and PLEASE ask a lot of questions. I love discussion!

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